Urban Land Institute (ULI) Public Meetings 10/23, 10/24 – Public Testimony Welcome

Dear WORA Neighbor,

After five years, the City Dock Master Plan (CDMP) is back at the forefront of our community’s discussion. In 2013 WORA carefully developed a position on key elements listed in bullets below and WORA Testimony on WORA Website.

In light of the Hotel Proposal, Historic Annapolis invited the Urban Land Institute (ULI) to further explore opportunities for revitalization at the City Dock.

It is time for WORA to renew our conversation on issues concerning the future of the City Dock.

The ULI would like to hear from you at City Hall on Tuesday, October 23 from 5:30-6: 30PM.  Public testimony is welcome.

On Wednesday, October 24, the ULI will report their findings from 6:00-7: 00PM.



  • Gradual implementation of the plan enhancements
  • Widening sidewalks
  • Creating a grand Promenade
  • Pivot Fawcett’s and to restore historic viewshed
  • Convert Donner surface lot to a park
  • Create a park at the bottom of Newman (but not into water)
  • Add crosswalks to Compromise Street
  • Create a Bike Lane on Compromise Street
  • Create a protective Seawall – but lower and more narrow
  • Enlarge Hopkins Plaza to make it a more effective gathering space
  • Bring back the former crosswalk in front of Market House



  • Oppose large, 3-5 story buildings on Dock Street
  • Oppose removal of parking without a proven and tested parking plan
  • Oppose unbroken, straight lines of sidewalk and seawall along Dock St extending from Randall all the way out to Susan Campbell Park
  • Oppose grassy areas around City Dock
  • Oppose stoplights
  • Oppose T Intersection
  • Omission of crosswalk in front of Market House
  • Oppose creation of a new management entity with over-reaching powers
  • Oppose selling city property
  • Oppose the City taking ownership interest in Boat Shows
  • Elimination of special exceptions in any of what’s current C2 zone


WORA Past President, the late Gilbert Renaut wrote:

“I have a lot of respect for citizen volunteer committees, so long as they are fairly put together, and I am always reluctant to second-guess them.  There were several people on this committee I have nothing but respect for.  However, where I think the process may have gone wrong is that the consultants put together a plan without getting consensus or even a majority vote on most of the recommendations.”



Read the City Dock Master Plan:  https://www.annapolis.gov/DocumentCenter/View/1219/City-Dock-Master-Plan-PDF?bidId=

Proposed City Dock Master Plan Ward One Residents Association Position