About WORA

WORA is an active, volunteer community organization providing a social network for residents and business owners to work together. The WORA Newsletter is a communication vehicle to keep you informed on key issues. WORA also provides a structure for residents, business owners, and City Officials to work together to improve the quality of life for residents and to make Annapolis an attractive destination for visitors.

What can WORA do for me?

Social Events for members provide an excellent opportunity to meet new neighbors and visit with old friends. WORA hosts a family picnic at the end of the summer. We host an elegant Holiday party held in the Brice House each December. In May we have a great General Meeting at St. Johns.

Monthly Meetings feature speakers or panels discussing current issues at the forefront of Annapolis life. City department heads, developers, historic preservationists and political candidates have all spoken to the group. This gives members the opportunity to ask questions and express opinions!

WORA Members Monitor the work of city commissions, boards, committees, and committees. Groups whose sessions we attend include:

Alcoholic Beverage Control Board
City Council (new legislation)
Board of Appeals
Environmental Commission
Historic Preservation Committee
Maritime Advisory Board
Planning Commission
Planning and Zoning
Port Wardens
Transportation Advisory Board

WORA Committees come in two flavors, those that focus on Ward One Issues, and those that support the membership of the Association.

  • Ward One issues committees include Parking, Beautification, Bar/Restaurant, and Inner West Street Development, Civic Action, and Neighborhoods/Preservation.
  • Association committees are Events, Communications (including newsletter), Membership, Finance, and Nominating.

See the About WORA Issues tab above for information about the issues with which our various committees are working and their current activities.

Newsletters are delivered to your door each month to keep you up-to-date on current issues, important city hearing schedules, committee reports, and provide the next meeting date and agenda. Our Website adds instant communication plus an on-line calendar, email capability, and more.