President’s Message

Elly Tierney, WORA President

Elly Tierney, WORA President

July, 2014

Dear fellow Ward One Neighbors,

It seems like yesterday when I was asked to join the WORA board when meeting with Amanda (our VP) and
Susan (our Treasurer) at the Annapolis Bookstore on lovely Maryland Avenue. Oh how soon we forget
those times, amidst the upcoming Mayoral election, the proposed 110 Compromise Street ‘controversial’
development and the initial stages of the Royal Farms special exception.

My default construction management brain kicked in that day. I looked up the WORA Mission Statement, the
closest thing to what my past construction experience taught me: “okay…before I accept this, what’s in the contract?”. If you haven’t read the Ward One Mission Statement recently, and it is important that you do, it clearly identifies what’s in the contract…it is:

‘to promote a strong community that encourages long-term residency, improves our quality of life, preserves the historic nature of our unique neighborhoods, and supports a diverse commercial district that serves the needs of resident’.

The past year has offered us many new challenges and perspectives regarding our role in the community. The words ‘quality of life’, ‘diversity’, ‘uniqueness’, incorporated in our Mission Statement, are more vital now more than ever.

When nominated as your Ward One President, a wise man and former WORA President Bryan Miller encouraged me to list my goals. I’ve learned from experience that listing goals is the easy part and although my goals may not be in alignment with yours, let’s get back to that Mission Statement and first identify our shared values and then list others to build on. For example do you value our vital city dock maritime activities, Historic Maryland Avenue, the Sunday Farmers Market, our unique streets and seascape, quiet neighborhoods, artful West Street, distinctive downtown businesses, the
restaurants and their fresh seafood aromas. And most important, our safety and security. I trust that you do, and chances are then you will join me in our shared neighborhood goals this year.

My focus will be: (1) recapturing our history, (2) develop a Community Outreach and (3) broaden our community membership. Examples of this will be illustrated in this Newsletter and subsequent issues. Each month we will focus on an historic property. You will read about 45 Fleet St. written by Donald A. (‘Renny’) Booth, AIA. We ask for your attendance at our Summer Fund Raiser for the Bloomsbury Square ‘Let’s Talk’ Social Group. Annapolis Police will provide us with a Ward One update. Our
Ward One Alderman Joe Budge will keep us informed in ‘Council Corner’. And for membership, we ask that you each do your part by talking to businesses and other residents about the benefits of joining!

It is my hope that when we focus on these shared values that all the tough decisions and challenges that face us (2 AM licenses, Zoning Special Exceptions, Special Event Legislation, derelict properties, Parking, Bus Routes, etc.) will be less controversial for us. We may not agree on everything but we can take the time to consider all of our perspectives and have a respectful dialog knowing we may share the same values. After all, ‘Ward One is Your Neighborhood’…and that’s what it’s all about.

Thank you for giving me the chance and working with our Board: Amanda, Susan, Sarah, Ann, Peter, Larry, Peggy and Pat.

Elly Tierney

Elly can be reached at