Annapolis Colonial History and Historic Preservation Resources and References

Historic Preservation

Application for and approval of designation as Colonial Annapolis National Historic Preservation District: National Park Service:

Colonial Annapolis National Historic District map

Downtown Historic District Heights Map

National Trust Names Historic City of Annapolis a National Treasure The Trust Will Partner with Annapolis as it Plans for Climate Impacts 

City of Annapolis – Weather It Together: Revising Floodplain Regulations for the Increased Protection of Historic Structures from Flooding 

Annapolis Historic District Design Manual ( or 

Historic Preservation Commission Administrative Approval Guidelines 

Why Preservation Matters – Three reference documents (on


City Dock and City Dock Master Plan

City Dock Master Plan: 

Annapolis City Dock Master Plan: A Framework to Guide Improvements & Redevelopment 

O-23-18: Mayor’s proposed ordinance to rezone the DOCK “MX.”

Rezoning the City Dock to the Mixed Use (MX) Zoning District – For the purpose of implementing the recommendations of the City Dock Master Plan by rezoning the City Dock area to the Mixed Use (MX) Zoning District.

  • O-23-18 Staff Report.docx
  • O-23-18 MX City Dock Zone Ordinance.doc
  • O-23-18 City Dock Proposed Zoning Map.docx
  • O-23-18 City Dock Existing Zoning Map.docx

WORA Lead analysis of O-23-18 ( WORA issues)

  • Does Annapolis Need O-23-18: 
  • Uses in MX vs. C2 Zones: 
  • O-23-18 Effects: 


Colonial Annapolis References

Ed Papenfuse Blog: A description of Colonial Annapolis during the time Thomas Jefferson resided here with comparisons to a number of locations still in existence today:

– Included is a reference to where members of Congress in 1783 – 1784 resided:

“Quays of the City, An Account of the bustling Eighteenth Century PORT of ANNAPOLIS, ” Produced by Liberty Tree

– a .pdf of a partial copy provided by a WORA Member is in the Preservation Corner section of the WORA web site.

Shipping in the Port of Annapolis 1748 – 1775 by Vaughan W. Brown (MD State Archives_



Link to Annapolis Maps and GIS: