Letter from WORA President

Dear Members of WORA,

The comment from members and the enthusiastic, positive reaction from the bulk of the attendees reaffirmed  WORA’s long-standing concern for following the rules inherent in our historic districts designation as Colonial Annapolis National Historic Landmark District. Importantly, a concern that not doing so, specifically in the case of proposed development that clearly exceeds the height and bulk provisions, might well jeopardize our National Historic Landmark designation and make us a candidate for its revocation, as is the case in Savannah, GA. Response to our request for resident input was uniformly supportive of following the rules.

I agree. This is a legitimate, real-time concern as the thinking about development on the city dock evolves. The membership represented at the March 27th meeting was clearly in support of historic preservation and concerned about putting our Nation historic Landmark Designation in jeopardy.

Late on Friday, April 6th, 2018, Historic Annapolis (HA) advised in an email that the Capitol had posted an editorial  “What is HA’s opinion on the proposed hotel and parking garage at City Dock?”, with a link to the editorial on the Capitol website. I heartily encourage you to read this.
Michael A. Farmer
President, Ward One Residents Association