Update: City Dock Stormwater and Flood Mitigation Project – HPC Pre-Application

From Alderwoman Elly Tierney:

Due to confusion on pump house locations and configurations, I have forwarded this update verbatim from Dept of Public Works Lisa M. Grieco, P.E.Project Manager on the project status.


To clarify:

The stormwater flood mitigation project has always been contemplated as a 2 Phase project, northside/Harbormaster and southside/Newman St.  Originally, there were 2 separate control buildings and 2 separate wet wells and the northside was envisioned as Phase 1.  When the proposed hotel project came to light, the City was invited to meetings with the developer to hear about their proposed plans which have evolved over time.  These meetings could best be described as briefings with respect to DPW.  Because of all the uncertainty surrounding the proposed hotel development (overall size, footprint location and time table), it was decided to not only focus Phase 1 on the southside but to combine the two control structures into one structure.

Subsequently, the developer has offered to house the control building and emergency generator, as well as the Harbor Master office and amenities and the Sailing Hall of Fame, within the proposed hotel.  This is similar to the scenario where the developers of 110 Compromise provided space within their re-development project for the City’s electric control panels that sat in the adjacent Donner parking lot.  Despite the offer, the City has continued moving forward with the design of the combined control building in the Newman Street plaza.

The current concept is as presented at the community meeting at the Annapolis Elementary School on May 2nd. There is only ONE above ground control structure proposed which AECOM is designing.  There will be TWO wet wells – one on the south side in the Newman St. plaza (which is a change from the previous location under the basketball court) and one on the north side (location To Be Determined).  The north side wet well and associated storm drain system relocation will be constructed as an entirely separate project.   The one control structure on the southside will house the electric equipment that controls both wet wells and ONE emergency back-up generator that is sized for the pumps contained in BOTH wet wells.

The current project (Phase 1) includes construction of:

* ONE control building including controls for southside wet well ONLY
* ONE wet well on the southside/Newman St.
* ONE emergency back-up generator
* Stormwater system relocation on the southside (primarily along Compromise St.)

* Lining existing pipes that are to remain
* Grade modifications at handicap ramp near Alex Haley and at the end of Newman Street

Phase 2 includes construction of:

* Controls for northside wet well ONLY (in combined control building on southside)
* ONE wet well on the northside/Harbormaster side
* Stormwater system relocation on the northside (primarily around Susan Campbell Park and Dock St.)

* Lining existing pipes that are to remain

Tonight, the City will present to HPC:

ONE combined control building including ONE back-up generator, on the plaza
ONE wet well under the plaza (not under the basketball court)

If you still have questions, please feel free to give me a call at 410-263-7949.


Lisa M. Grieco, P.E.
Project Manager

City of Annapolis
Department of Public Works
Bureau of Engineering & Construction
145 Gorman Street, 2nd Floor

Annapolis, MD 21401
voice   (410) 263-7949
fax:     (410) 263-3322
email   LMGrieco@annapolis.gov

*Note: I will remind you of above public hearings as we get past HPC administrative review.
Kind regards,
Alderwoman Elly Tierney