Visions of Annapolis – Capital Gazette, 2015

From the Capital Gazette, June 21, 2015

Visions of Annapolis: Examining the future of downtown

Tuesday marks the 50th anniversary of a watershed moment in the long history of Annapolis: Creation of the National Historic District.

The past, as Shakespeare wrote, is but prologue. What comes next for the most iconic neighborhood of Annapolis, its downtown?

From the commercial district of Main Street and City Dock, to the stately and historic homes that dot Ward 1, to the arts and entertainment corridor planted on Inner West Street and the Historic District — there are problems and challenges ahead.

This four-day series, Visions of Annapolis, examines the most pressing of those challenges.


City Dock




Green Space


Future, Starts at the Dock


Past, present, and Future


Our say: Much of City Dock’s potential still wasted