Community Action Group (CAG)

WORA has formed our Community Action Group (CAG) to lend neighbors support. 

We can’t identify all of the challenges that lie ahead, but we do have a network of neighbors who are willing to help you as best we can.  

If you have a Non-Emergency situation that you need help with, so far, we have 4 volunteers who will help you and more volunteers to follow. 

If you are able bodied and interested in helping your neighbors, please email w[email protected] ,and we will add your name to our Community Action Group on our website:

Please keep in mind our support is intended to help you get through a rough patch and Not Intended for Emergency Services.  For Emergency Services Always Call 911!

CAG Volunteers

Allen Furth    443.506.3446   [email protected]

Mark Mhley   757.348.8451    [email protected]

Craig Harrison and Lisa Fontaine  443.510.1348   [email protected]
eCruiser Ride to Grocer or Pharmacy 

Dr. Ingrid Kohlstadt  410.280.4886  [email protected]
Dr. Kohlstadt is a public health physician who specializes in preventative medicine. Can help on a Good Samaritan basis.

Karen Engelke  410.562.3624  [email protected]
Let me know how I can assist…with a car.

Paige Ferguson  443.223.4740   [email protected]
Happy to assist if you need a pick up or drop off. Also glad to walk a dog for elderly who do not want to be out at all. 

Todd Trego   410.353.5113     [email protected]

Annebeth Bunker    410.990.9700      [email protected]
Willing to help out however I can. Can give some free salads, sandwich and bread when I have if needed!

Sara Schaffer    [email protected]
200 block of West Street. Able to assist neighbors.