In the weeks ahead our entire community will be faced with unprecedented changes and challenges to our day-to-day lives due to the COVID-19 virus sweeping the globe.  You are NOT ALONE.
WORA has formed our Community Action Group (CAG) to lend neighbors support.
We can’t identify all of the challenges that lie ahead, but we do have a network of neighbors who are willing to help you as best we can.  
If you have a Non-Emergency situation that you need help with, so far, we have 4 volunteers who will help you and more volunteers to follow. 
If you are able bodied and interested in helping your neighbors, please email buchheister@msn.com ,and we will add your name to our Community Action Group on our website: WardOne.org
Please keep in mind our support is intended to help you get through a rough patch and Not Intended for Emergency Services.  For Emergency Services Always Call 911!!
We are dealing with a 100 Year Pandemic.  Let’s Move Forward Together!  We will get through this!!

CAG Volunteers

Allen Furth 443-506-3446  afurth@berkelandcompany.com   

Mark Mhley 757-348-8451

Tom Rekus 410-971-6165 trekus@gmail.com   

Chris Buchheister 443-926-1278 buchheister@msn.com   

eCruiser Ride to Grocery, Pharmacy Craig Harrison and Lisa Fontaine  443-510-1348  lisa@urbaneventours.com 

Dr. Ingrid Kohlstadt 410 280 4886  kohlstadt@outlook.com   
Notes: Dr. Kohlstadt is a public health physician who specializes in preventive medicine. Can help on a Good Samaritan basis. 

Karen Engelke:  410 562 3624  karenengelke@aol.com   
Notes: Let me know how I can assist..with a car.   

Paige Ferguson 443-223-4740 paigecferguson@gmail.com   
Notes: Happy to assist if you need a pick up or drop off. Also glad to walk a dog for elderly who do not want to be out at all.  

Todd Trego: 410-353-5113 ttrego28@yahoo.com   
Note: volunteer 

Annebeth Bunker 410 990-9700  annebethsltd@hotmail.com
Note: Willing to help out however I can. Can give some free salads, sandwiches and bread when I have if needed! 

Sarah Schaffer s.schaffer76@gmail.com  Note: 200 Block of West Street. Able to assist neighbors.


WORA dues for 2020 are $20 for individuals and $35 for households and associates.

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