Impact of Exercise Solid Curtain-Citadel Shield on the Installation 3-14 February 2020 (Reminder)

Here is notice directly from Academy specifically for those who live in the nearby vicinity. Just make note of the dates. 

Message begins here:

Just a reminder that next week the installation (USNA/NSAA/CBD)  will start exercise Solid Curtain-Citadel Shield 2020.

During the period of 3 – 14 February 2020 all installations and commands in CONUS will begin Exercises Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield 2020. Solid Curtainnis a nationwide series of exercises and drills to be coordinated and controlled from Fleet Forces Command/CNIC, while Citadel Shield consists of NDW wide exercises that are coordinated and controlled on the regional (NDW) and installation (NSAA) level.

Once again, this year’s series of exercises/drills  has been developed to enhance the training and readiness of Navy security personnel as well as
personnel who work on the  installation.  All personnel in the Annapolis
Complex with the exception of housing residents will be active players in the security of the installation, and will participate in immediate actions required to respond to security issues, including an active shooter.  Even though housing residents will not be active participants the access to housing will most likely be impacted by security actions such as temporary gate closures and other security functions.

This year we will conduct a series of small drills and the larger active shooter drill. Drills will include series of  surveillance, protest  and gate penetration drills  The main event of this year’s exercise will be an active shooter drill that will be conducted on Wednesday 5 February 2020.
During this drill, Midshipmen, faculty and staff who are not in the immediate area of the active shooter will be directed to “shelter in place” for a short period of time.  The direction to “Shelter in Place,” will come from the ATHOC system as well as the Emergency Public Address System (EPAS).

As would happen for a real active shooter event,  we are incorporating a series of tones into the EPAS system to ensure that the message to shelter in place is clear and not garbled.  When the EPAS system directs people on the Yard to shelter in place for an active shooter or other emergency you will hear the tone which is attached titled EPAS Shelter in Place Sound.wav.  When all clear is sounded you will hear the tone as attached EPAS All Clear Sound.wav.   These tones will only be heard when we actually expect you to shelter in place, not for tests of the EPAS system.   You will hear these tones during the active shooter drill on 5 FEB 2020 and additional information will be passed through the AtHoc mass notification-mail/text/phone notification system.  If you have questions regarding the ATHOC system please contact our emergency manager, Mr. Steve Henrick at 410-293-5771.   The EPAS system will be fully utilized on both the USNA side and on the North Severn. Again we do not expect housing residents to shelter in place for Exercise Citadel Shield, but you need to know what the signals mean and in a real situation you would need to take the appropriate action.   Additionally the routine of the Yard and the North Severn will be impacted by this series of exercises.  The Department of Home Land Security provides a brief course on the subject at the following web site

Disruptions to normal mission operations will be limited, although there will be a short period when the gates will be closed on 5 February 2020.  The Gates will be reopened as soon as training objectives regarding initial actions of the sentry are completed (Approximately 5-15 minutes).  There may be times when the conduct of the exercise and individual drills will cause delay in base access.  Area residents may also see increased military activity associated with the exercise.

During the following week (10-14 FEB), the Solid Curtain Exercise potentially will result in an increase in Nation/Region/Installation wide FPCON level. We expect an increase in FPCON posture on the installation in response to higher Headquarters direction.  Increased security checks and the wearing of tactical gear by our security personnel should be expected.  There are no planned changes to access policies or disruption of services during the exercise, but please be patient at the gates. If you have further questions on Exercise Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield contact Mr. Emmett Roberson at (410) 293-5787 or  Mr. Joe Glennon at (410) 293-9334.

This is very important as each day when you watch the news you see incidents around the world where these skills are needed…you must be aware and know what to do in an emergency situation.

Recent events and security threats have made this year’s exercise series even more important and relevant.

Pardon our dust for a more secure NSA Annapolis/USNA.


Brian Kelm, PE
Deputy Commanding Officer
Naval Support Activity Annapolis
58 Bennion Road
Annapolis, MD 21402

Office (410) 293-9321
Cell (410) 320-9519


Again, these are drills and this is just to alert you of the practice schedule. 

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