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WORA Winter Member Meeting

January 21, 2020 7-9pm

This meeting will cover January and February

Our next membership meeting will be at 7pm on January 21st.  Our topic will be the 2020 Comprehensive Plan and we’ll be joined by the city’s Chief of Comprehensive Planning, Eric Leshinsky, to give us an update on the process and answer your questions. We’ll present our list of goals that we collected during the spring from WORA members, that now need to be prioritized by you. We’ll also share how we’ll have you make that prioritization happen via email after the meeting.  

The City’s 2020 Comprehensive Plan Director, Eric Leshinsky, asked to share two things with WORA members. First is a link to an update he gave the Planning Commission recently, which you can find at 17:27 at this link

Next is a survey that aims to gather qualitative data from residents, that we encourage you to spend a few minutes taking:

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All meetings are currently held via Zoom.

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Missed a Meeting?  You can check out recordings of past Zoom meetings here.

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