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November Membership Meeting
The next WORA Membership Meeting will be Thursday, November 12th at 7PM. Please register ahead of the meeting by clicking this link:
Topic: We’ll be joined by Councilwoman Elly Tierney, State Senator Sarah Elfreth, State Delegate Shaneka Henson, and State Delegate Dana Jones to review the past year’s legislative activities, and preview the year to come.
We will also introduce a proposed change to our bylaws regarding the definition of a membership-year. Currently, the bylaws define the membership year as 12 months running Jan->Dec.  The reality is that many members renew in months other than January. As we move to finalizing WORA as a 501(c)4 organization, we will be more deliberate in our record keeping, in order to maintain this tax-exempt status, and we would like to adjust the bylaws to reflect this reality and to make record-keeping easier.
The board feels this is a good time to formalize what has, in the past, been an acknowledgment that paying a year’s worth of dues ought to give a year’s worth of membership benefits.  Therefore, we propose to amend Bylaw X to define the membership period as a rolling 12-months.  This change also makes WORA’s membership period definition consistent with what all of us experience with nearly any other annual service: gyms, cable service, insurance, etc.

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December events:

– Sunday December 5th Impactful First Sunday Food Drive


WORA Winter Member Meeting

– 7pm January 21, 2020 

– This meeting will cover January and February

– Register at

All meetings are currently held via Zoom.

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