New Hillman Garage and Parking FAQ

Ward One Residents Association (WORA)

FAQ on New Hillman Garage and Parking

April 7, 2022

Note:  The information provided is the best we have available from our Ward One Alderwoman Elly Tierney, the city manager David Jarrell, the ARMP (project lead) and Premium Parking representatives.  It has changed over time and is likely to change as we go forward.  WORA will do its best to keep this document updated and redistribute as needed.


Why is the garage being replaced?  

As far back as 2013, surveys of the garage showed that it was deteriorating and would need replacement soon.  The current City project lead by ARMP will not only replace the garage but give a head start on the City Dock project that will not only result in more parkland (with net number of parking spaces the same), but also control flooding.

How is this all being funded?

The city plans to enter a 30-year public private partnership (PPP) with Annapolis Mobility and Resilience Partners (ARMP) which will net the city about $1 million a year in parking revenues (about half that currently received) but give the city an advance payment on the City Dock of $20-25 million. The remaining City Dock funding (about $10-15 million) is expected from grants.

Has the contract been signed?

Not yet.  AMRP is continuing to operate under the Pre-Development Agreement which has been in place since December 2020. 

When will the garage be torn down?

While site preparation work began on April 4th, parking will remain available through May 1, 2022.  The garage will close on May 2, 2022 at which time demolition will begin.  Construction is expected to take 14 months.

How will trucks, noise and dust be handled?

The garage will be chipped away and carted off in trucks – there will be no explosives used. The work hours will be 7 AM to 4 PM, and traffic and dust mitigation measures will be put in place. Vibration monitors will be placed on nearby buildings to ensure that excessive ground vibration does not occur. The only nearby street closure will be Gorman Street.

Where will current garage users park?

Of the 425 spaces in the garage, 248 are monthly paid parkers, city workers or employees of our local shops and restaurants. These parkers are being relocated to Park Place Parking Garage (City employees) and Gotts and Knighton Garages (monthly passholders). Parkers will have access to the enhanced Circulators as well as the “10 minute downtown trolley.” Via, the city’s on-demand provider, will be fully operational for all parkers on May 17, 2022.

Visitors who utilize the remaining spaces at Hillman Garage will be directed to park at Gotts Garage, Knighton Garage, or Park Place through signs placed at the major entrances to Annapolis as well as the AccessAnnapolis web site and messaging.

With the garage closed, won’t a lot of people try to park in our residential spaces close to downtown?

The city plans to protect residential parking by implementing a paid parking app (ParkMobile) in residential parking zones 1 and 2.  The parking rate will be $4 per hour for up to 2 hours (which replaces the two-hour free parking for visitors).  The ParkMobile app is available at no cost on smart phones.  Payment is by credit card entered into the app.  The company setting this up is Premier Parking.

When will the app be put in place and will signage change?

The app will be put in effect on May 2, 2022 when the garage closes.  The 2 hour Zone 1 and 2 parking signs will be modified prior to May 2 to note the new app and fees.

The process should be seamless as no action is required from Ward One residents until the annual permits are renewed on July 1. The renewal process will remain the same as SP- plus will manage the permitting and enforcement process until July 15, 2022 when it will transfer to Premium Parking. 

Will those with paid residential parking stickers in zones 1 and 2 still be able to park for free?

Yes – there will be no changes or charges for residents with paid stickers in these two zones.  Their license plates will be registered with the company that runs the app. We view this move as essential to preserving residential parking during garage construction.

Will those who pay be able to extend their time beyond 2 hours?

No, the app will not let the parking spot be used for more than 2 hours by those parking in it.  They would need to move their car to a new location in a different parking zone.

Will we still be able to buy passes for visitors and place signs for contractors?

Yes – there is no change to the number of visitor passes you can buy monthly or your ability to reserve spots for contractors and movers.  Eventually you may be able to buy these passes via the app or your computer at home.

How will my guests, babysitters, dog walkers, etc. be able to park?

They can use the visitor passes or the ParkMobile app and pay the $4 per hour for up to 2 hours.  We are investigating whether an exemption can be made here given it could be easily programmed into the app; however, this could lead to fraudulent use.

How will this all be enforced and what are the fines?

SP+ will continue enforcement through July 15, 2022.  At that time, Premier Parking will take over enforcement in these zones. Fines will remain the same.

Will the paid parking in residential areas continue after the garage is finished?


Will “Residents Only” parking remain the same and will signage be updated to reflect that?

Yes, as far as we know it will but some of these decisions are based on City events and other conditions, etc.  WORA would suggest these areas be addressed with our Ward One Alderwoman Elly Tierney,